Announcing A New Chapter Book for Missy Barrett Fans

The new Missy Barrett book is now available!  This is the first Missy Barrett chapter book, and the story takes on important issues impacting on children in real life and online.

SYNOPSIS:  Being a kid is a lot of fun with mysteries and adventures everywhere. When three girls in Missy Barrett’s class decide to bully Missy, she doesn’t let them get away with it. She decides the best way to deal with bullies is to have a plan so she turns to her older cousin Alana for advice. Will the girls find a good solution to Missy’s problem?

This book has a number of Chicago references including the Lincoln Park Zoo and Vienna beef Chicago style hotdogs.


The book is written with young readers in mind but appeals to adults and parents as well.  As noted at the beginning of this entry, the story takes on the issue of bullying and touches on the issues of bullying and autism.

With bullying and autism being two of the major hot button topics in society these days, Missy Barrett helps children and their parents as well as teens and adults understand some of the difficulties associated with these issues.


The eBook version will follow on Amazon in a couple more days.

Elyse Bruce


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