What Happened On This Blog in 2014

The end of the year on WordPress is always an interesting and exciting time.   The WordPress computer collate all the statistics from each and every blog site, and starts sending them out as the year comes to an end.  Yesterday, I received notification that the 2014 stats were available for this site even though there were still a few days left in the year.

You’re probably asking why statistics are so important in light of the fact that anyone can skew statistics to mean whatever they want them to mean.  The reason statistics are so important is because it provides insight into what does and doesn’t work with regards to specific situations — in this case, the Elyse Bruce blog.

This year, I increased the number of posts I wrote to this blog (as well as to my other blogs) with specific topics assigned to specific days.  As readers and fans know, Tuesdays became known as Business Tuesdays with a primary focus on topics of interest to small businesses, not-for-profit associations, and entrepreneurs.  Sundays were dubbed Arts Sundays where the arts, regardless of domain, were showcased.  Fridays were known as Idle No More Fridays (to be renamed Social Justice Fridays in 2015), and Mondays and Thursdays saw the introduction of the twice-weekly game, “Who Said That?”

This left Wednesdays and Saturdays for articles that may or may not fit one of the formats mentioned.

So how well did the Elyse Bruce blog do in 2014?  I’m pleased to say that this blog did very well, and I’m pleased with the progress I was able to make on a number of fronts.

For example, it was great to see that the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) was one of the top five referring sites to this blog — both an unexpected and a welcome surprise!

Top 5 Referring Sites for Elyse Bruce blog in 2014

For another thing, it was awesome to learn that people in 150 countries come to the Elyse Bruce blog to read the articles posted to this blog.

Fans in 150 Countries for Elyse Bruce blog in 2014
I was both surprised and not surprised to learn that the top articles were, for the most part, related to the Idle No More movement.

Top 5 Posts on Elyse Bruce blog in 2014
However, I was duly impressed to see how well this blog is doing overall when I read this about the busiest day on the Elyse Bruce blog in 2014.

Busiest Day on Elyse Bruce blog in 2014
Rest assured that in 2015, I will continue to provide quality articles interspersed with educational and fun commentary.

And thank you to every one of you who visit this blog, whether on a regular basis or intermittently. Because of you and your comments — both private and public — this blog has become the success it is, and I look forward to continuing the standards I have set for this blog over the years.

Watch for news in 2015 with regards to a new book I’m writing titled, “Business By The Numbers.”  What’s more, if the twice weekly game “Who Said That” continues to grow in popularity, there might just be a “Who Said That” book on the horizon late in 2015.

Again, thanks to all of you for your support and comments, and let’s make 2015 the best year yet!

Elyse Bruce


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