Do You Want It That Way?

What are colloquially referred to as boy bands (Backstreet Boys) and girl bands (Spice Girls) are oftentimes looked down upon for any number of reasons from the fact that none of them seem to play any instruments on through to the fact that product packaging seems to be more important than actual talent.  What this means is that sometimes good songs get sidelined and marginalized in the shadow of negative band perceptions.

While it can’t be denied that boy bands and girl bands are wildly popular when they hit the market, it also can’t be denied that sometimes time lends perspective.  The appeal of the members may wane, but sometimes that means that the overlooked songs can be brought forward to a new audience.

Many of us remember when the Backstreet Boys hit the airwaves in the 90s, and one of their most popular songs was “I Want It That Way.”

It was a fun song, and the accompanying official video was a fun video.  Countless teenage girls swooned at the sight of their favorite BSB singer gazing into the camera lens and singing his lines just for her.

Recently on YouTube, the song is enjoying a renewed life with a 70s arrangement of the song and the versatility of the song — thanks to this new arrangement — is one that was overlooked by most listeners back in the 90s when it was originally released.

Let it never be said that a good song can’t benefit from an update that takes it back in time to a completely different generation and genre.  What are your thoughts on the treatment these musicians brought to the song?  Love it or hate it?  Sound off in the Comments Section below.

Elyse Bruce


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