Idle No More: Dead Duck Update

Last week, I posted a Call-To-Action that had to do with the Idle No More movement.  It spurred a great deal of positive discussion among people, and it seemed to annoy a handful of conspiracy theorists and troublemakers within the movement.  Some even went as far as to try to attack my personal life in an attempt to silence my tempered views.

Click HERE for a definition of what is meant by tempered views as explained on Wikipedia.

Since there is question whether last week’s article has merit, this week’s article will be very brief.  I am sharing a screenshot from the Facebook group page for Idle No More – Minnesota that proves what I shared last week.

Idle No More Minnesota_28 Jan 2015
The Idle No More movement cannot be all things to all people.  In returning to its original focus, we can effect positive change such as addressing the dangers posed by oil companies and other similarly pressing issues.

Don’t let conspiracy theorists and troublemakers continue to water down — and ultimately derail — the good that has been done up until this point.  It’s no insult to speak out against what is happening, so let us pull together and continue fighting for positive change as a cohesive group.

Elyse Bruce


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