You Could Be Next!

Last July, “End Of The Innocence” was published — the first book in the Nathan Lane Covington trilogy.  Last month, “I Will Not Go Quietly” was published — the second book in the series.

The first book introduced readers to Nathan Lane Covington, a high school student attending St. Bernardino Secondary School, and principal Trevor Raines.

A principal’s job is one that requires more than just a college diploma and the drive to move up the management ladder. It can be rewarding but rest assured, it can also be taxing. With the axis of power shifting in society, what does this mean for Trevor Raines, principal of St. Bernardino Secondary School? It means the job requires a bit more finesse and a lot more paperwork … especially when Nathan Lane Covington is registered for classes at the school.  What first seems to be a difficult situation soon becomes one that ends in ways no one could have imagined when the first school bell rang that morning.

The second book brought Nathan Lane Covington back to St. Bernardino Secondary School to complete his senior year.

Nathan Lane Covington is a teen who has been through a lot in life including being witness to his high school principal’s suicide just months earlier. His decision to return to St. Bernardino for his senior year holds promise with a new principal who does everything by the book, and teachers who know Lane’s history. It doesn’t take long, however, before things start to go off the rails, and staff and students alike begin to wonder if the school itself is cursed.

Nathan Lane Covington Trilogy_Books 1 and 2_SMALL
The third book is titled, “You Don’t Know Me At All” and the writing kicks off with a cameo contest for readers of this blog.  Yes, you may have important pieces to the puzzle that will bring Nathan Lane Covington to justice.  Imagine the thrill of being written into this trilogy and the bragging rights that will inevitably come along with it.

How do you get in on this?

Send me an email at and tell me the special powers you possess that nab a criminal genius like Nathan Lane Covington.  Are you able to solve puzzles long before everyone else you know?  Can you spot a con artist before he starts talking?  Do you understand the criminal mind?  Answer yes to any of those questions or questions I haven’t asked, and you could be the winner!

Along with literary immortality the winner will receive a set of all three books, signed by the author, and other goodies that will be listed beginning later this week on my website at  Just look for the Contest tab to learn more!

And remember … I’m looking forward to receiving your emails at

Elyse Bruce

P.S.  If you’re wondering why the book titles sound familiar, it has everything to do with Don Henley and his greatest hits CD in my extensive music collection.


One Response to “You Could Be Next!”

  1. cairennhouse Says:

    Great idea for a contest. I’m considering what my special power(s) might be. I’ll be emailing soon.

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