Thoughtful Words

Ngobesing Romanus is a journalist, a writer, and a blogger.  He’s also a man who inspires others to make the most of their talents and to aspire to achieve their goals in life.  With more than two hundred articles, twenty books, and pamphlets to his name, he has had, and continues to have, a positive impact on people around the world.

Yesterday, he published a beautiful piece on his blog entitled,May You Be Famous.”  The piece ended with these words:

If this touches you, know that it will touch other people too. If you would like these wishes to come true for you, know other people would like same. Therefore, make it a wish for another person by sharing or reblogging. Don’t forget the rich have no right to their food if they forget the hungry who also need to eat.

Today is Valentine’s Day … a day when people express their love for others.  While I may not know many of you personally, I believe that sharing this piece by Ngobesing Romanus with you today is at the core of the spirit of the piece as well as the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

The original article is found on Ngobesing Romanus’s blog site HERE.

© Ngobesing Romanus

May today be the best day of your life
Up to this moment!
May it be the beginning of a new life
of sunshine for you!
May your first big dream
come true today!
May you find favor with people
in high positions
Who will help you realize your fondest dream!
May your star start shining brightly from today
and forever!
May you be dearly loved starting today
Until the end of your life!
May the blessings of each day for you
be more than the blessings
of the day before it!
May God’s shower of good things
never stop pouring on you!
May your dream job
start coming towards you today!
And may it get to you at the right time!
May the door of prosperity open to you today!
May you never experience the sorrow of poverty!
May you become famous
throughout the world some day!

 If you feel inspired to share this beautiful piece with others on your websites and blogs, please remember to link back to Ngobesing Romanus’s site as I have done.

Elyse Bruce

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