Details About Nathan Lane Covington

People often ask me questions about Nathan Lane Covington from “End Of The Innocence” and “I Will Not Go Quietly.”  I’ve just started on the early stages of the final book in the trilogy, “You Don’t Know Me At All.”  To give fans a quick overview, I’ve created this infographic that you’re more than welcome to share on all your social media.  Check it out!



2 Responses to “Details About Nathan Lane Covington”

  1. cairennhouse Says:

    Hilarious and dark all at the same time. Sadly, there are a lot of psychopaths out there. Beware!

    • Elyse Bruce Says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading the infographic. While I won’t say it was a breeze to put together, it certainly was challenging and at times, humorous, to create. Unfortunately, as you’ve mentioned, there are a lot of psychopaths in real life (studies have pegged it at 1 in every 100 people) … and some are far more dangerous than others.

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