Life Is Like A Garden

A celebrity passed away last week.  His name was Leonard Nimoy.

Many people remember his as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, but he was more than just one character: He was a man of character.

Now I won’t pretend that I knew him, but I did attend one of his book tour lectures when I was a young teen.  His presentation was interesting and while it was meant to promote his book “I Am Not Spock” it was a much more encompassing presentation.  While many die-hard Star Trek fans saw his book as a fan-offending autobiography, it was actually a revelation about who the author as an individual was.

Over the years, he wrote and published seven books of poetry.  Of course, one of the more obscure projects was the comic book series, “Primortal” which was published by Tekno-Comix from 1995 to 1997.

Few people realize that he was the director of “Three Men and a Baby.”  The video for the Bangle’s video for their song “Going Down To Liverpool” was also directed by Leonard Nimoy.

He was a recognized professional photographer who specialized in black-and-white images.  His works were displayed in countless museums and art galleries.  He had an interest in the paranormal and the unusual which led to being the host of the television series, “In Search Of …

Not too many people know that he served in the United States Army from December 3, 1953 to November 23, 1955, having risen to the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG).   Even fewer people know that after the original Star Trek series ended, he opened an exotic pet shop in California.  But he never completely stepped away from being a retailer as he and his granddaughter ran an online shop.  It originally began as “Secret Selves” on Etsy in 2010 and grew into ShopLLAP.

In a nutshell, now it’s easy for people to see that Leonard Nimoy was so much more than Mr. Spock.

Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield — as did so many others — expressed on social media the effect Leonard Nimoy’s death had on him.  And there was a genuine outpouring of emotion from colleagues, fans, and strangers alike.

I didn’t know the man personally and yet, there’s a loss in my life as Leonard Nimoy has shuffled off this mortal coil.  But even with loss, there is something gained.  And so, my dear friends, I will end this entry with these words of wisdom from a man who understood them so very well.



2 Responses to “Life Is Like A Garden”

  1. cairennhouse Says:

    I didn’t know about the Bangles video or the etsy shop. Thanks for sharing that. Nimoy was an intelligent and interesting person, and playing Spock was just a small part of who he was. I will genuinely miss him.

  2. Weekly Round-Up | ELYSE BRUCE Says:

    […] SUNDAYS:  Life Is Like A Garden A tribute to Leonard […]

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