From Stephen Lyn Bales’ Blog

University of Tennessee Press author and speaker, Stephen Lyn Bales, was one of the speakers at the recent Rose Glen Literary Festival held in Sevierville, Tennessee on February 28.  Not only is he a writer, speaker, humorist, photographer, artist, Tennessee naturalist, local natural historian, and recycler of aluminum cans, he’s a very easy-going, laid-back, good-hearted guy.

You might have read some of his articles in the Tennessee Conservationist magazine where he’s a regular contributor, or perhaps you’ve read his articles published in the Smithsonian magazine.  And you might even know that he’s a fifth generation Tennessean who grew up in the Great Smoky Mountains, as did his father Russell, as did his grandfather Homer, as did his great-grandfather Jim, as did his great-great-grandfather Caleb back in 1850.

Now, it’s my guess that Stephen Lyn Bales probably has quite a few new books in his personal library this year, but I don’t know that for sure.   What I do know for certain is that he has a copy of “The Secret Ingredient” from the Missy Barrett Adventures book series.  As an added bonus, he even mentioned the book (as well as the author) in his blog!

Stephen Lyn Bales Blog_5 March 2015
Click on through to Stephen’s Amazon page and check out his books.


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