Welcome To Inner Space

Her name is Yuki Koshimoto, and the instrument is a spacedrum.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the thirteen note chromatic spacedrum, it’s part of the handpan drums — a group of musical instruments that were first mentioned on American steelpan producer Pantheon Steel’s website back in the Fall of 2007.

The instrument is laid out in a cross pattern allowing the musician to alternate the left and right hand to strike tone fields which creates overtones that resonate along with the note struck.  Where the hand strikes the tone field of a note determines what overtones accompany the predominant tone.  In some respects it isn’t much different from a steel drum while at the same time being very different.

So who is this 28-year-old international musician of mystery?  She’s a world traveller.  A street performer.  And like the instrument she plays, she is an enigma.  Very little seems to be known about her and yet, a great number of people are talking about her and her spacedrum.

In her videos, she is sometimes accompanied by Tatsuki Agena on Didgeridoo and Yuji Goto on Cajon Drum, but most often, she performs solo.

If you haven’t heard Yuki playing the spacedrum, you’re in for a treat.  Enjoy!


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