There’s Something About This

Back in the 80s, there were a lot of great songs with great bones, and no matter how different an arrangement might be, those great songs were still great.  The structure was solid, so any interior sound designing or cosmetic work that was done to make it unique only brought out the original awesomeness that was the song.

One of those songs was by Level 42 and despite the somewhat troubling video imagery that the record label went with, the song has stuck in people’s minds since its release.  Decades after its release, the song is still catchy and memorable.  In fact, it’s so catchy and memorable that when Level 42 performed it in 2012, the latest generation of music lovers went for it the same way their parents went for it almost 30 years earlier.

The live version performed in the video showcased not only a song with legs, but showcased true musicianship as Level 42 is anything but an artificial social construct meant to lure the audience into a plastic performance.

Another recording artist who has covered this beautiful song and released it on CD is the very soulful R&B singer and Savannah (Georgia) born Anthony David.

But one of the most beautiful versions of this song that I’ve heard is by Cary Brothers featuring Laura Jenson.  This recording artist took the song and gave it a soft, romantic treatment that not only respected the original song but added to it.

When a song has great bones, you’ve already got a lot to work with whether you’re an arranger or a performer.  All it takes is being true to the spirit of the piece, and the spirit of the musician will mesh with it to take the song to another level of artistry.

Yes, there’s something about it … and it begins with a solid song with a solid message and a solid structure to hope everything up.

Elyse Bruce



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