What’s A Band-Maid?

Anyone who’s followed the latest music coming from Japan knows that J-Rock has a new supergroup:  Band-Maid

Rumor has it that Band Maid is a record label construct and that the band members were pulled together the way one pulls together a fashionable outfit.  In other words, it’s Spice Girls with more grit.  But is it metal?

Truth be told, the music has far more in common with glam rock than it does with heavy metal, right down to the outfits the band members wear.  The music lacks the chugging palm muting that’s associated with metal, and seems to favor slap bass (not metal) and the absence of double bass drums and the absence of percussion that’s complex and theatrical screams of rock, just not metal.

However, there are some who will say that it’s a subgenre of metal known as Kawaii metal.  Yes, Kawaii which is the Japanese word for cute.  So this is what you would think of as “cute” metal which, in many respects, seems to clash with what most people think of when you say metal.

According to Kawaii metal musicians, this genre is similar to j-pop when it comes to melody and incorporates metal elements, and the first to take this genre abroad was Baby Metal.

The shtick with Band-Maid is that they allegedly play their own instruments while dressed in French maid outfits.

So, like their counterparts Baby Metal, Band-Maid is making their presence known in Japan and abroad.  The questions to ask are these:  Is the world really ready for this, and is Band-Maid really a metal band?

Elyse Bruce


2 Responses to “What’s A Band-Maid?”

  1. Salazar Says:

    Band-Maid is not a metal band nor ”Kawaii metal” band either. They just a simply J-Rock band with the image of maid (they dress like a maid). Their element of music in 1st mini-album tend to rock and punk. As for 2nd mini-album it’s music tend to rock + slightly metal elements. And yes, tey play their own instrument.

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