The Value Of Search Engine Optimization aka SEO

Recently I took a look at where the Elyse Bruce and Idiomation blogs ranked according to Google and its search engine.  Both blogs were doing very well and ranked in the top 50 domains.


Both blogs had excellent search engine optimization (SEO) scores.  Both blogs were popular in terms of traffic from the United States as well as abroad.  And both blogs had relatively low PageRanks, due in large part to backlinks.

What’s a PageRank?

PageRank is a ranking system on a scale of 1 to 10 that’s used by Google to determine the value of websites in search engine results, and is determined by an algorithm that counts the number and quality of incoming links to a website or blog.  That’s great, but just as with everything else in business, PageRank is easily manipulated.

What’s a Google Bomb?

When a group of people form a coalition with the intent of artificially elevating specific website rankings in the web search results, they create what’s colloquially known as a Google Bomb.  By linking a key phrase from a website to many other websites, a Google Bomb is creating, leaving a false positive with the PageRank algorithm.  This results in search engine optimization (SEO) fraud, and actually impacts negatively on the websites participating in Google Bombing activities.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are also very important in determining rankings.  The phrase you use to link to a page or document actually matters.  Used as intended, your website or blog will benefit from your efforts; used as a Google Bomb, your website or blog may seem to benefit from it at first, but will inevitably suffer in the long run.

Is gaming the system a good approach to improving PageRanks?

While everyone loves traffic to their website or blog, your brewing a great big steaming cup of trouble when you insert keywords and phrases with text color that matches the site’s background color, or you insert misleading keywords and phrases into your site.  The bottom line is that word gets around when a webmaster games the system, and when Google alters their algorithms, the website or blog gaming the system winds up plummeting in the rankings.

What does all this mean?

As with brick-and-mortar business, your online business needs to focus on content and quality first.  Whether they come to your site for entertainment purposes or for information, provide users with what they expect to find on your website or blog.  Don’t hoodwink them.  Nobody likes the bait-and-switch game.

Final Note

Remember that when you use relevant keywords and phrases in your site content and structure, you will attract legitimate readers, viewers, followers, and fans to your website or blog.  It will create a positive user experience for readers, viewers, followers, and fans, and is more likely to create secondary and tertiary benefits for your business.

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