More People Find Dreamtime

I wrote, recorded, and released “Dreamtime” back in 2011.  It’s a folio of World Music compositions that was well-received by the critics and embraced by fans, and one that I was proud to share with music lovers.  It did well when it was first released, and then, like most CDs, it fell dormant for two years and it dropped in the charts.

Ten days ago, I noticed that “Dreamtime” began climbing back up the ReverbNation World Music chart which was nice to see.  Ten days ago, it cracked the Top 1,000 globally and the Top 400 nationally in the U.S. and on May 28 (as “Dreamtime” continued to climb the charts), I grabbed a screenshot.

01_Ranking_28 May 2015
Over the days, I’ve checked in on a daily basis and watched it continue to rise on the World Music chart, and kept up with the buzz on social media about the CD.  People are clicking through to listen to selections from the CD, and they’re spreading the word about how much they love the music.


It’s been ten days since I grabbed that screenshot above, and I’m pleased to announce that the “Dreamtime” CD is now in the Top 50 nationally in the U.S. and in the Top 100 globally.

09_Ranking_07 June 2015
Only my fans and followers know how far they’ll take “Dreamtime” and I thank each and every one of you for being part of this fantastic ride.  If you’d like to download “Dreamtime” to your technology or to buy the physical CD, here are the links to facilitate your purchase!

Click HERE to downloadDreamtime” from iTunes.

Click HERE to download or buy the “Dreamtime” CD from Amazon.

Click HERE to buy the “Dreamtime” CD directly from IndiePool.

Share this great news on your social media accounts, and keep on sharing the love.  And thank you so much for proving that good music has a way of staying with people.

Elyse Bruce


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