Convenient Racism

The most recent outcry in the news lately is that the Confederate Flag has to be erased from view, removed from history, shut away and shunned … because it allegedly promotes and encourages violence.

Flags Of The Confederate States

From the Georgia Info website

The flags are being pulled down from flag poles and ripped from store shelves.  However, those who are anti-Confederate flag today weren’t very visible or very vocal when Kanye was draping himself in the Confederate flag on his Yeezus tour and selling Confederate flag merchandise.

Kanye's Yeezus Tour
So it’s all right when Kanye is using the Confederate flag to sell his merchandise and to promote a tour to support a CD released on the market.  But it’s not all right otherwise.  When it’s not all right, then it’s all about addressing racism and the roots of racism.

And yet, for all that righteousness that’s being witnessed these days, when it comes to racism and Indigenous peoples, most people seem to be fine with this (notice the white guy choking the Indian in the logo).


Village Seal of Whitesboro, New York

And they don’t see a problem with this.


Billboard in Kansas City

And they don’t have a problem with this either.

Washington Redskins
Perhaps it’s nothing more than a case of pick’n’choose convenient indignation when it comes to what’s considered racist and what’s just a group of people who don’t get that non-Indigenous people are just honoring Indians.  Then again, maybe that’s not it at all.

Elyse Bruce


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