Grammer Police

Andy Grammer is an American singer-songwriter signed to S-Curve Records.  His dad is children’s singer-songwriter Red Grammer, and back in Andy’s early years, his dad was a member of The Limeliters (he replaced folk singer and lead vocalist for the group, Glenn Yarborough).  In other words, Andy has been around the industry since before he was born.

He’s in his early thirties and his debut CD was released in 2011, and his follow-up CD was released just last year.  And the guy writes some pretty catchy tunes, not the least of which is “Honey, I’m Good.”

You’ve got to admit that even the video is fun to watch, and it doesn’t take much before viewers find themselves drawn into the world of the video couples.  How much fun is that?

Well, when you have a song as catchy as “Honey, I’m Good” it doesn’t take long before other recording acts decide to get in on the recording fun.  Panicland (a boy band hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) decided to record a version, and their video rolls time back to 1955!

I don’t know if they do the video fits the vision, but the guys certainly jump feet first into the fun aspect of the song.

Then there’s singer-songwriter Tanner Patrick from originally from Dallas (TX) and living in Colleyville (TX) — a relative newcomer (compared to newcomer Andy Grammer) to the music scene.  Only eight years younger than Andy, he finds a way to make Andy Grammer’s song his own without straying too far from the original arrangement. And his version is a lot of fun as well.

And rounding out the group of recording artists of note who have covered this song is the band Home Free.

Covering a song isn’t always about finding a nostalgia nugget and updating the sound.  Sometimes covering a song is as simple as finding one that’s just a whole lot of fun with a great message and letting your hair down.

Elyse Bruce


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