The Merkel Meme

There’s a new meme making the rounds on Facebook that shows a little girl who appears to be about five years old standing next to Adolph Hitler.   For the most part, those who are sharing this meme are claiming that the girl in the photograph is Angela Merkel, Germany’s current Chancellor.  A select few are going as far as to claim that Angela Merkel is actually the test tube baby of Eva Braun and Adolph Hitler through in vitro fertilization.  And yes, there are even those who are sharing the meme with the claim that Angela Merkel is Germany’s longest-serving Chancellor either since Hitler or, in some cases, ever.  Here’s the meme in question.

The Meme
The Issue Of In Vitro Fertilization

The first successful human artificial insemination from frozen sperm was in 1953 (which was not implanted in a female and did not result in a baby being born).  In 1970, British scientist Robert Edwards succeeded in implanting fertilized eggs into a female however she suffered a miscarriage in the first trimester.  In 1978, the first successful full-term artificially inseminated baby is born (a girl). The following year (1979), the second successful full-term artificially inseminated baby is born (a boy).

Angela Merkel was born 17 July 1954.   This means that in 1978, Angela Merkel was 24 years old.

The photograph in the meme shows Hitler with a little girl who looks to be about 5 years old.  If the photo was taken the same year that Hitler died, this means the girl would have been born in 1940 at the latest.   This would make the little girl in the picture 38 years old in 1978, and 75 in 2015.

The Issue of Plastic Surgery

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, many seniors in their sixties and seventies are undergoing the cosmetic surgery knife.  Slack jowls, sagging eyelids, wrinkled necks, breasts that haven’t been perky in decades, and other aging realities are being addressed through cosmetic surgery.

Yes, in the space of a few very expensive surgeries, a senior can look years younger.  However, before the senior can look years younger, the senior must look his or her age or older otherwise what’s the sense in having cosmetic surgery done?

Photographs of Angela Merkel over the decades clearly shows an aging progression that doesn’t show any moments where the hands of time are nudged back even minimally.  Don’t take my word for it.  Click through to this story on the BBC that has a photo gallery of Angela Merkel over the years.

The Issue of The Longest Serving Chancellor

This claim that Angela Merkel is Adolph Hitler’s daughter (on the basis that she’s the longest-serving Chancellor Germany has had since Hitler ruled Germany for twelve years until 1945) is false.

History proves that since the end of World War II, the longest-serving Chancellor Germany has had is Helmut Kohl (16 years) followed by Konrad Adenauer (14 years).  Angela Merkel has been in office for 10 years, having taken office in November 2005.  And since Angela Merkel is not the longest-serving Chancellor Germany has had since Hitler, she most assuredly cannot be the “longest chancellor of germany [sic], ever” as alleged in the comment accompanying the meme reproduced on this site.

Final Note

Always research memes before sharing them on social media.  Passing along inaccurate or false memes because the message aligns with emotional knee-jerk actions, reactions, and interactions does not address social issues that face society.  If anything, it only serves to cause unnecessary problems where none need exist.

Please remember this the next time you think a meme is worthy of sharing with acquaintances, friends, colleagues, family, and strangers.  Conspiracy theories and disinformation do nothing to resolve social issues.  What conspiracy theories and disinformation actually do is to cause a great deal damage, and bring undue stress and strife to powder keg problems.

Elyse Bruce


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