Coincidence Can Be Catchy

Last week, the most recent Missy Barrett chapter book, “Fantastic Things” was published.  It’s the story of Missy Barrett and her 15-year-old brother, Josh, who was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (a rare, incurable, life-threatening neuromuscular autoimmune disease) when he was seven years old.  The cover for the story was illustrated in October 2015.

MG Treasure Chest_SMALL_Signed

I liked the implied curvature of the treasure chest lid, and the heart-shaped lock.  I liked the metal bands on the treasure chest, and the gold and bronze coins nearly spilling out of it.  And I liked the feel of the worn wood with the natural wood pattern easily discernible.

Yesterday, mainstream media published a news article about the Fenn Treasure (although the accompanying story itself was sad), and the photograph that accompanied the news story was both surprising and coincidental to the cover artwork.  See for yourselves, my friends.

In The News_30 January 2016

It was an almost identical treasure chest to the one on the latest Missy Barrett chapter book.  It had the curved lid with the same heart-shaped lock and in the same colored metal!  The coins were nearly spilling out.  The metal bands were similar to the one in the illustration (albeit the front of the real treasure chest divided the chest into thirds, not as halves as in the illustration).  And the natural wood pattern was easily discernible.

This isn’t the first time something I’ve published — or that was set to be published and had to be held back — has coincidentally mirrored part of an important news story.  It’s actually the fourth time in two years that it’s happened.

Why am I sharing this particular incident with you?  Because sometimes it’s important to be reminded that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.  The next time someone says to you, “That could never happen in real life,” I urge you to think back to this article.   You’d be surprised what could happen in real life that seems unbelievable until it happens.

Meanwhile, click on through to learn more about the latest Missy Barrett book.  Who knows, it might just be something you’ve been looking to add to your home library!

STORY SYNOPSIS:  Missy Barrett loves her brothers, Aaron and Josh. She loves them both so much that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for them. Josh has a rare health condition called Myasthenia Gravis, and Missy thinks it’s about time she asked Josh some important questions about what that is. After all, brothers and sisters are supposed to help each other out, and knowing what to do when Josh needs help matters.

The eBook is reasonably priced at $2 (FREE on Kindle Unlimited) by clicking HERE, and the paperback is equally reasonably priced at $10 by clicking HERE.

And if you aren’t already following Missy Barrett on her Facebook page, feel free to click LIKE and enjoy her insights on life in general as they happen from day to day.


One Response to “Coincidence Can Be Catchy”

  1. cairennhouse Says:

    “Learn to slow down and perceive the mysterious events and opportunities that happen in life. We call them coincidences, but if we look closely we see they are meaningful. They bring us just the right information at just the right time to extend our careers, relationships, and growth. These events feel destined in some way, as though the world is set up to help us make a better life, work through our problems, and reach our dreams – if we just pay attention.”
    ― James Redfield, author of “The Celestine Prophecy”

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