5 Reasons Marketing Campaigns Fail

Marketing your services, product, or business is most likely going to fail if you don’t know who your customers and potential customers are, if you don’t understand what they want and need, or you jump from viral hashtag to viral hashtag in the hopes of garnering attention from social media communities.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to focus your efforts on what works for your demographics instead of trying to trend.

Recently, I watched a YouTube video that explained the problem that nearly every failed marketing campaign shares in common, and I felt it was well worth sharing it in today’s blog article.

Thank you Adobe Marketing Cloud for a 1 minute and 24 second video that highlights five reasons why marketing campaigns fail, four of which fall under the “data shows” myth.

If you’re always running with the latest “data shows” statistics, you’re not investing enough time in “customer feedback” reality.  While “data shows” statistics are helpful in the creation of your marketing plan, the fact of the matter is, the broad base for “data shows” is going to be far greater than the base from which you draw your customers and potential customers.

Even when “data shows” results are broken down into smaller demographics — age, gender, et al — the bottom line is that their categories rarely mesh with the composition of your business’s actual demographics, online and in real life.  What’s more, if you’re always kowtowing to what the ubiquitous “they” say, you’re failing to focus on what your customers and potential customer are actually telling you matters to them.

By relying solely on “data shows” information, you’re making the mistake of thinking that your business can be all things to all people who are looking for services and products similar (or even identical) to those you offer.  If you rely solely on “data shows” information, the reason your marketing is failing is because you aren’t appealing to the extraordinary nature of your customer base.  The message your customers and potential customers are picking up is that you see them as everyday, garden-variety, no name, generic, cookie cutter people.

In the Adobe Marketing Cloud video, every time the marketing campaign is counting down to launch, everything comes to a screeching halt within seconds of taking off because of “data shows” reliance.

The logo is too small according to “data shows.”

Millennials don’t like the logo’s color according to “data shows.”

The campaign needs a hashtag according to “data shows.”

Mars is no longer trending according to “data shows” closely followed by the research empty decision to re-route the campaign to Pluto.

Then the last call comes in and the marketing campaign is scrapped entirely because all this “data shows” reliance has resulted in budget exhaustion.

In then end, while a great deal of effort, time, and money has gone into the Adobe Marketing Cloud fake marketing campaign, nothing is accomplished other than to run out of money with which to fund the marketing campaign.

This is why doing your own market research is vital to the success of your marketing campaigns, your promotions, and your business’s overall financial health.  If you don’t know or understand what your market expects and demands from you, you’ll forever be spinning your proverbial business wheels in the mud.

Take the time to listen to what your customers and potential customers are telling you about their expectations from you, your business, and businesses like yours.  Then give them what they’re asking for and fill the needs and wants they have expressed to you.

You don’t have to go to Mars or Pluto with your marketing if you know your customers are only interested in going as far as your place of business.  Not only will your marketing budget thank you, so will your customers and potential customers.

Elyse Bruce


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