From The Other Side

Who hasn’t heard Adele’s song, “Hello?”  When it was released, it took the Internet airwaves by storm, flooding every market, and tearing up the charts.  That being said, sometimes a song covered by another artist has more appeal than the original version.    For example, Conkarah from Jamaica and Rosie Delmah from the Solomon Islands have done an amazing reggae cover — putting their own artistic stamp on the catchy ditty — with their version racking up almost 15 million views to date.

Now compare that version with Adele’s original recording.

For comparison sake, I’ve cherry picked a few more covers of Adele’s new song, “Hello” from YouTube to show the diversity of versions floating about in the digital world.  Versions such as Conor Maynard’s, that, like Conkarah and Rosie Delmah’s version, has nearly reached 15 million views.  Conor is signed to Parlophone Records (a division of Warner Music Group in the UK).

This next version is by Rebel Rock recording artist, 24-year-old Leroy Sanchez with an impressive 25 million plus views.

There’s a Spanglish version of the song by Karen Rodriguez.

Sam Tsui and Casey Breves decided to take it on as a duo complete with unexpected percussion and harmonies that give a song a different flavor.  Check it out for yourself.

And just to throw you for a loop, this is a Mozart-influenced arrangement of this song in a classical mash-up with “Lacrimosa” from Mozart’s Requiem, courtesy of The Piano Guys.

As you can see, the creative types who have decided to wrestle Adele’s song into something fits their unique style have found ways to imprint themselves on the bones of this song.  If you’ve heard a version of “Hello” that you think deserves a wider audience, feel free to add the link in the comments below, along with your reasons why you think it’s an awesome version.  Let’s share the diversity of musical expression.

Elyse Bruce


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