The Privileged Pastor

Earlier this week, an acquaintance posted a rant on his Facebook Timeline about how the “skinny fit” label “fat shames” female children between the ages of 12 and 18 months. It was, at best, an attempt by yet another so-called pastor to be relevant on social media.

This article will breakdown the issue into understandable terms, especially for those who have fallen prey to pufferfish preaching by privileged pastors.

What are baby clothes sizes based on?

In North America, baby clothes are based on the child’s weight regardless of height. In Europe, baby clothes are based on the child’s height regardless of weight. And oftentimes, an estimated age accompanies the label.

How are average heights and weights determined?

While there are a number of charts available from a number of reputable sources, the default chart is from the World Health Organization (WHO). Yes, readers, there are child growth standards and you can read all about it on the WHO website by clicking HERE.

On average, how much does a 12-month-old infant weigh?

According to the WHO, the average weight for a baby girl at 12 months is 20 pounds, and the average weight for a baby boy at 12 months is 21.5 pounds.

However, the low-end of the scale for baby boys is 17 pounds, and the high-end of the scale for baby girls is 25 pounds.

Would the pastor have his followers believe that if a baby girl weighs more than 20 pounds (but who is well within her weight range) that the baby girls is already fighting the battle of the bulge, and her mother is already perseverating on how “fat” her daughter is? It would seem that this is exactly what he is alleging.

On average, how tall is a 12-month-old infant?

If she’s female, the average length for a 12-month old infant is 29 inches.

If he’s male, the average length for a 12-month old infant is 30 inches.

What this means is that, on average, baby boys have more body to carry the same amount of weight if the babies are of equal weight. Baby girls may look to be carrying more weight when they aren’t.

Would the pastor have his followers believe that because of this, baby girls are already fighting the battle of the bulge, and their mothers are already perseverating on how “fat” their babies are? Again, this seems to be what the pastor would have others believe.

What’s the average weight gain for a baby in the first year?

Doctors recommend parents that a baby should gain half a pound every two weeks. By the time a baby is six months old, he or she should have doubled their birth weight.

Between 7 and 12 months, doctors recommend parents that an infant will continue to gain about a pound per month.

In other words, a baby weighing 10 pounds at birth, on average, should weigh 20 pounds at six months and 26 pounds at a year old.

What about infant boys jeans?

Yes, baby boys also have slim fit jeans. It’s not just baby girls as the pastor would have his followers believe. In fact, Levi’s has a Slim Fit jeans for 12-month old baby boys that sit “below the waist” and that feature “a modern, slim-leg design.”  Obviously (using the pastor’s logic) the reason for pointing out that the jeans sit “below the waist” is because the baby already has a gut from being overweight, and the “slim leg design” is obviously meant to “fat shame” the child and the mother.  Except that the baby’s not a girl, so slim fit jeans for boys get a pass.

WonderKids also has boys’ jeans that are labels as “skinny fit” jeans.  I guess they get the same pass on these jeans as Levi’s does on theirs.

BOYS SKINNY FIT JEANSAs a side note, just because I found these on the K-mart website doesn’t mean that K-mart sponsors my blog (in case the pastor somehow thinks they might).  This is supporting documentation to prove what I’ve shared in this article.

Boys don’t suffer from body image problems, do they?

Boys suffer from body image problems just as girls do, so why isn’t the pastor railing against the label on jeans for 12-month-old baby boys the way he rails against the label on jeans for 12-month-old baby girls?

What exactly is a “slim” or “skinny” fit?

It’s exactly what you think it is. The design is one that is a snug fit through the legs through to the ankles, but not narrower through the butt or waist.

For babies, having clothing that fits their waist and butts comfortably is important. So is having clothing that fits their legs.

Some children have skinnier legs, and some children have plumper legs. If you stop and think about it, the same is true of toddlers, pre-schoolers, school age kids, pre-teens, tweeners, teens, young adults, adults, and seniors.

So why is this pastor only railing against the term “skinny fit” on baby girls’ jeans?

I can’t give a definitive answer to that question because no one can know what another person is thinking, or what drives them to do what they do.

Could it be that this pastor is blinded by his own biases and stereotypes? Perhaps.  Could it be that his pride doesn’t allow him to consider the reality that the label is just a term that describes how the jeans fit the person wearing the jeans in question? Perhaps.  Could it be that he’s desperate to appear relevant and topical to this followers?  Perhaps.

What I can say is that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this pastor, as well as others, take on an issue they don’t understand. What seems to matter to them most is how much noise they can make to bring attention to themselves and thereby stroke their own egos.

The effect this has on how people view Christians, however, is why I tend to think of such people as pufferfish pastors.

Like pufferfish, their misguided pronouncements get their followers high, zombify them to facts, and then emotionally and spiritually kill them. And like pufferfish, they have cultivated this persona because — like puffer fish who are poor swimmers and need a way to make themselves noticeable to others — they need to make themselves feel relevant in their environment.

In nature, the only creatures that don’t suffer from the pufferfish’s toxic make-up are sharks. All other sea creatures avoid upsetting any pufferfish in their immediate environment to avoid being attacked.

And yes, attack is the right word for what happens if you dare point out facts.

Skinny Fit Labels

Final Note

No one in their right mind would serve others a steaming hot cup of strychnine or wrap them in a blanket of nettles while railing against the dangers of hot chocolate or wool.

It’s time preaching alarmists stopped with their fakery, and started actually humbling themselves instead of aggrandizing their Don Quixote tendencies.  Pastor, are you listening, or is your white, male privilege still interfering with the facts?

Elyse Bruce


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