When You Commit

I’ve spent the last three weeks listening to the latest recordings from Nick Hall, and in that time, I’ve noticed that his music is at the intersection of Old School Slow Jams and the industry’s fresh sounds.

Listening to Nick Hall’s first release, “Commit” and his follow-up song, “On Me,” I was reminded of recording artists from the 80s and 90s — Sade, Teddy Pendergrass, Taylor Dayne, and Kenny Lattimore.  Here and there, arrangements reminiscent of hits by All 4 One and Boyz II Men — the arrangements that were the stuff of many fangirls’s fantasies — could be heard.

But it wasn’t until a few days ago that I hit upon what kept bringing me back to Nick’s music:  His music and his vocals have the depth and maturity reminiscent of Savage Garden.  The flowing melodies, the layered arrangements, the classy production — it was all there.

This is, however, where the comparison ends because Nick Hall is, without a doubt, his own man, and not a Savage Garden knock off.  He’s mainstream pop without being cookie cutter pop.  He’s dyed-in-the-wool R&B with classic themes that have new life breathed into the genre.

It’s great to find a 19-year-old with this much talent at his fingertips, and even better is that he’s not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

Lucente Entertainment, along with James Lucente, Chris Keaton, and Preston Leatherman, is behind this latest talent, and as they’ve done with other young talents they’ve brought to the forefront, they’ve hit a homerun again.

Both songs were written and produced by Nick Hall, Preston Leatherman, James Lucente, and Brent Hendrich.  Without a doubt, Nick is going to have a serious impact on the music industry with Lucente Entertainment at the helm!

And Nick isn’t one to let opportunity pass him by.  As an added bonus, word has it that Nick, as is his brother Matt, is adding acting to his already impressive resume next. These two talented Viners, YouTubers, and social media brothers are going to continue making some serious inroads in the entertainment field.   Remember their names — Nick and Matt Hall.



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