The Gender Dilemma: A Workable Solution

Lately, the news has been awash with the conundrum about what should be done to accommodate the many gender options in society these days when it comes to washrooms, dressing rooms, change rooms, and more.  In North Carolina, the bathroom bill was passed where it stated that people would be bound by law to use the washroom that was in keeping with their birth gender (not their sexuality).  In South Carolina, a similar bill is being considered.

At issue is the fact that sexual predators are already maligning the transgender, gender fluid, multigendered, and non-gendered communities by misrepresenting themselves in washrooms where victims can be found.  But what about transgendered, gender fluid, multigendered, and non-gendered communities where the sting of discrimination is being felt?

After a great deal of thought and consideration, the following workable solution may be the best option for politicians to strongly consider.

The two standard gender symbols for female and male are actually astrological signs for Venus (female) and Mars (male) and Venus (female).  This is the symbol for male:

This is the symbol for female:

Gender and sexuality aren’t the same thing, so it’s important to take a look at how society plans on integrating the multiple gender options that have come to light over the past few years.

People are no longer male or female.  Some (according to a select few in society) are combinations of genders, or completely lacking a gender.  This means that an entirely new set of symbols must be created to accommodated to address this issue.

If the two symbols were combined to represent those who were born one gender but identify with the other gender, the symbols could clearly represent this.

Someone born in a female body but identifying as male would have a symbol that outwardly showed the female assignment while acknowledging the male within.

IMAGE 2A_Male In A Female Body
Likewise, someone born in a male body but identifying as female would have a symbol that outwardly showed the male assignment while acknowledging the female within.

IMAGE 2B_Female In A Male Body
For those who are gender fluid or both genders, this would be represented with no outwardly identification however both genders would be represented within.

IMAGE 03_Gender Fluid_Both Genders
For those who claim to have no gender identity or who are asexual, a simple circle would respectfully identify that reality.  The circle would be flipped to the right so that the small opening would show that it’s all “right” to have no gender identity or to be asexual, and that nobody need feel “left” behind.

IMAGE 04_No Gender_AsexualBut what about those who claim to have three genders?  How would they best be represented?  Since Neptune has three major moons, and the symbol incorporates Neptune’s trident, would it not be appropriate to incorporate this symbol into a new one for those who experience three genders?

Here’s the symbol for Neptune.

And this would be the symbol for tri-gendered persons.

IMAGE 05_TriGender
Finally, allowing for the possibility of four or more genders in the future, let’s turn to Mercury named after the winged messenger.  In mythology, Mercury was very eloquent.  Not only was he eloquent, he was a skilled as an interpreter and most talented at explaining matters to others including the other gods on Mount Olympus.


Taking the semi-circle from the top of the symbol for Mercury, this will represent the openness to potential multigenders beyond three genders that are already mentioned in the media these days.

IMAGE 06_MultiGender
In these complicated days where municipal, state/provincial, and federal legislators are wrestling with how to be all-inclusive when it comes to washroom designation (and other similar situations), this seems to be the best solution.

We can still have men’s washrooms.  We can still have women’s washrooms.  We can still have family washrooms.  But more importantly, we now add other washrooms so that no one has to feel ill at ease when they feel the urge to void.

Elyse Bruce



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