What If I Told You …

What if I told you that Big Pharma and Big Homeopath are actually all Big Pharma working both ends of the medical fearmongering campaign?

What if I told you that Andrew Wakefield was part of that conspiracy to get all those who weren’t buying into what Big Pharma was selling?

What if I told you that to get the stragglers, Big Pharma decided to create Big Homeopath to corral all those who refused to vaccinate themselves and their children?

What if I told you that Joseph Mercola was also part of that conspiracy, and that his empire was raking in every bit as much money as some of the pharmaceutical companies?

What if I told you that the mercury that anti-vaxxers claim is in childhood vaccines was the same as the mercury that’s used in homeopathic remedies?

What if I told you that the Illuminati only wants people to believe that mercury from vaccines and mercury in homeopathic medicines were removed in 1999?

What if I told you that measles and mumps and rubella and pertussis and diphtheria and tetanus were all laboratory-created diseases with an end goal of creating a race of autistics that would do as they were told by members of the elite?

What if I told you that the “Thoughtful House” wasn’t thinking the thoughts you thought it was thinking, and that it’s actually thinking thoughts that the Illuminati want you to think so they can control the entire population all over the world?

What if I told you that the “Strategic Autism Initiative” was created to strategically research ways in which autism could be spread to even more children, and to have autism continue to affect them well into their adult years?

What if I told you that the Tribeca Film Festival was part of a plan to outrage anti-vaxxers to the point of hysteria by announcing the acceptance, and then the removal, of the autism documentary directed by Andrew Wakefield?

What if I told you that Big Pharma aka Big Homeopath was seeing excellent results as growing numbers of parents known as vaccine skeptics are delaying childhood vaccines and relying on homeopathic remedies and alternative medicines such as chiropractic to protect their children from getting autism?

What if I told you that Dr. Bob Sears made up his “spread out” vaccine schedule to convince the fence sitting parents to expose their children to autism?

What if I told you that as more and more children are becoming autistic (it was 1 in 166 less than 10 years ago and now people are claiming it’s 1 in 34), that by 2025 everyone on earth, with the exception of Big Pharma and the Illuminati, will have autism?

What would you say?

What if I told you that authors have a fantastic sense of “what if” and that’s why they write such believable novels and short stories?

Elyse Bruce


2 Responses to “What If I Told You …”

  1. gwpj Says:

    What if I said that I have never understood all the hoo-ha and hysteria about vaccination? 😉

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