Springsteen, Talk To Swift (#STTS)

Back in the day, when someone was in trouble, they sent out an S.O.S.  Those who were in close proximity to whoever sent the S.O.S. would respond.

Bruce Springsteen, as many know, canceled his concert in Greensboro, NC at the beginning of April because his personal beliefs wouldn’t allow him to discriminate and persecute the LGBTQ community.  It’s good to know where he stands on the issue so that he can step up his game and talk to fellow label mates about their missteps.

Instead of sending out an S.O.S., it’s time for Bruce to T.T.S. because using sexual orientation as an insult and a threat is definitely something that’s right up his “right thing morally” that his band mate, Steve Van Zandt mentioned when the Boss canceled his tour date.

The label mate I’m talking about is Taylor Swift who co-wrote and recorded, “Picture To Burn.”

You see, Taylor co-wrote this with Liz Rose, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC is the publishing company, and the lyrics include this homophobic slur:

So go and tell your friends that
I’m obsessive and crazy
That’s fine!
I’ll tell mine you’re gay

Wow!  Those words are definitely supporting “prejudice and bigotry” against a segment of the LGBTQ community, wouldn’t you agree?  After all, she’s threatening to tell her friends her ex-boyfriend is gay as if that’s a bad thing!

SIDE NOTE:  I’m also not a supporter of someone threatening to tell friends that his ex-girlfriend is crazy which stigmatizes those suffering from mental health issues and conditions.

And she co-wrote that song with a veteran songwriter who has written for other recording artists such as Tim McGraw and Bonnie Raitt!  Granted Liz Rose claimed in the 2014 Rolling Stone article that her friends say she’s more of an editor of Taylor’s songs than a co-writer, but even as an editor, shouldn’t she have pointed out to Taylor that her lyrics were, to put it lightly, attacking the LGBTQ community?

Now I’m not telling you what to do here, Bruce, but you know, since you feel you have to speak out against these kinds of attacks on the LGBTQ community by refusing to do business with North Carolina because of the HB2 (colloquially known as the Bathroom Bill), you need to take a stand on this kind of songwriting that promotes hatred against gays.

Are you going to start telling your music industry friends they have to boycott Liz Rose and Taylor Swift?  Or are you just going to suggest Taylor and Liz (and Sony) return the money earned from that song ?  Maybe all that money could be donated to help fight LGBTQ causes?

These are people who could benefit from your strong moral influence (other than your musical influence), don’t you agree?

It might also be a good time to talk to Sony.

Back in 2006, they announced to the world that the company had a separate label for LGBTQ artists.  That was like segregation, wasn’t it?  And well, that’s not right, is it?  But what’s worse, some of the rap and hip hop artists working with Sony seem to be pretty anti-LGBTQ in 2016!

But you know, one thing at a time.  Now that you’ve tackled the North Carolina thing by canceling your tour date in Greensboro, you can tackle the Taylor Swift thing.  After all, it’s the “right thing morally” to help your fellow label mates understand that they just can’t do that … use sexual orientation as a weapon to diminish someone who isn’t a boyfriend (or girlfriend) anymore.

Elyse Bruce


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