Will It Be Trump v Clinton This November?

For those who are busy freaking out over the possibility that the November election will see Clinton and Trump go head-to-head for the Office of the President of the United States, please take a look at how things played out back in 1952.

At the Democratic National Convention, Adlai Stevenson had 273 votes to Estes Kefauver’s 340 in the first ballot. Stevenson then had 324 votes to Estes Kefauver’s 363 in the second ballot. Finally in the third ballot he had 617 votes to Kefauver’s 276 votes.

What should be noted here is that Kefauver was the favorite as well as the front-runner for the nomination, and he won most of the primaries.

Over on the Republican side, things were tricky between Eisenhower and Taft. The popular vote was split pretty much evenly between the two. They each won almost half of the primaries (with a couple wins going to Earl Warren of California and Harold Stassen of Minnesota).

The upset came when Eisenhower’s supporters in New Hampshire’s primary wrote his name onto the ballot. When the Republican Convention took place, the race was so close between Eisenhower and Taft that they were running neck-in-neck with each other.  After two ballots, it was decided that Eisenhower was the winner.

Eisenhower and Stevenson duked it out for the right to be the next President of the United States back then … not the favored Kefauver and the known-element Taft.

My point in sharing this bit of history is to allay the fears of those who worry that it’s already set in stone that this November voters across the U.S. will be voting for the somehow favored Donald Trump or the known-element Hillary Clinton.  This may be one of those elections that will harken back to the election of 1952.  It could happen.

Elyse Bruce


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