5 Arguments Against Buying Followers

We’ve all seen the offers on social media claiming that for just pennies a day, you can enjoy the luxury of appearing to have thousands of followers for your accounts.  In a world that seems obsessed with quantity over quality and manufactured friends and followers over hard-earned friends and followers, the option to buy more followers can be found at every turn.

Don’t do it.

You Have To Have Numbers To Be Impressive

Contrary to popular belief, having thousands of followers while impressive, isn’t always good for your brand … especially if they aren’t real people who are interested in you and your product or service.  They will make those numbers look nice, but they aren’t going to become engaged followers, and they certainly aren’t going to buy your product or service.  They are useless followers at best, and dangerous followers at worse.

People Will Think You’re Successful

Other businesses and entrepreneurs checking out your social media are going to notice that you have a great many followers but very limited engagement from those many followers.  This will be reflected in the statistics available from websites like Klout where data from your multiple social media accounts are gathered and analyzed via an algorithm to kick out your Klout Score on a scale of 1 to 100.  The higher you score, the more influential you are online.

Imagine how poorly fake followers will show on your Klout score when you have thousands of followers but somehow manage to have minimal influence.  Ask yourself this question:  Would you do business with someone with a profile such as this?

Nobody Can Tell Fake Followers From Real Ones

Those fake followers aren’t a secret to anyone considering doing business with you based on information gleaned from your social media accounts.  There are ways to find out which accounts are legitimate and which are accounts paid to follow you.   Imagine how you would feel if a business or entrepreneur you were interested in doing business with proved to be little more than a string-and-tin-can operation and not the megacorporation it purported to be.  Would you do business with them?

There’s Nothing Illegal About Buying Followers

If you don’t remember the Terms of Service to which you agreed when you signed up for your social media account, now is the time to refresh your memory.  Most social media sites have a clause that states that buying followers isn’t allowed on their site, and doing so may result in having your account deleted and your IP banned.  Deleted and banned.  Now how would that look for you and your business?

Fake Followers Pose No Threat To Anyone

Most fake followers are actually hackers and scammers.  The most important thing you have to offer fake followers is access to legitimate people following your social media account.  Hackers and scammers don’t care about you, your business, or your clients and customers.  Your financial worth to a hacker or scammer isn’t much, but the information they can get from you — and because of you — is worth more than you realize on the black market.

Final Note

People do business with people and businesses they can trust and believe in.  Many will even pick a mom-and-pop business over a large corporation because they value the real relationship that can be cultivated.

What they won’t forgive is finding out that you put their information at risk by literally buying into the social media numbers game.  If you haven’t started, keep growing your social media accounts the old-fashioned way through hard work, excellent content, and respect for your customers and potential customers.  If you’ve already bought fake followers, block them the next time you’re signed in to your accounts.

Nothing says poison faster than fake followers.  Don’t be the entrepreneur or business that makes the mistake of thinking bigger is better thereby justifying any padded accounts under your control.

Elyse Bruce


6 Responses to “5 Arguments Against Buying Followers”

  1. Janni Styles Says:

    Reblogged this on JanniStyles1 and commented:
    So agree, buying followers is a no win situation as is clicking on your own blog to inflate numbers when you only have a handful of followers. Too obvious and such a waste of perfectly good time in my opinion. This was some validating reading I just had to share, enjoy.

  2. Janni Styles Says:

    So agree with all you had to say on this topic. Just had to reblog, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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