7 Important Steps To Great Blogging

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t read comments on social media or hear someone in business complain about the lack of success on their blog.  When I ask what they consider success when it comes to blogging, most often they say that they aren’t getting thousands of unique hits when they post a new entry.

Now I don’t pretend to be a blogging guru, however I have more than one blog and each one has its niche.  Within those niches, each blog has achieved success in keeping with the niche in which it has grown.  I’m not claiming that the seven important steps that work for me will work for every blogger.  I’m saying that these seven steps are what have grown each of my blogs and made them successes within their unique niches.

Choose a topic you understand and researched.

Nothing annoys readers more than an article that is poorly researched and badly understood by the writer.  If the subject warrants a blog entry, it warrants careful attention to detail as well.  Take the time to know what you want to say on the matter, and support your opinion with a solid foundation of facts.

Communicate your thoughts clearly.

Have you ever read an article and wondered what the headline and the text have to do with each other?  Have you ever read a blog entry that was so disjointed that you finally gave up trying to understand what the writer was trying to share?  If you have any doubts about what you’ve written, read it aloud to yourself.  If you stumble over your own words, chances are you aren’t communicating your thoughts clearly.

Whether you’re quoting or paraphrasing, credit the source.

Those who subscribe to my blogs or who make a point of visiting my blogs regularly have seen a great many of my articles with SUGGESTED READING following my articles.  In those cases, while I haven’t quoted or paraphrased the articles, I’m providing readers the opportunity to consider for themselves if they agree with what I’ve written.  When I’ve quoted or paraphrased someone, the source is credited so readers can verify what was  said or written.  It’s a good practice to follow.

Don’t worry about whether you’re being innovative or creative or sharing a fresh idea. 

Chances are whatever you’ll write has been written about before, and often at that.  What makes your blog article different is your interpretation of what you’re writing about and that’s what draws readers back to your blog.  As long as you are genuine in your approach, everything else falls into place beautifully.

Challenge yourself.

From time to time write about things that matter that may not be easy to discuss.  Recently I wrote an open letter to Brock Turner’s mother, Carleen and posted it to this blog.  The challenge was in writing a piece that would resonate with many different factions without alienating or insulting them.  The entry went viral and no one attacked me for having written the piece.  Challenging yourself as a blogger always pays off.

Be positive.

This doesn’t mean you can’t deal with negative topics.  This is about finding balance, considering as many aspects to a situation as possible, and being fair.  It’s not about selling out so there’s no controversy on your blog.  It’s about being positive that the subject you’ve chosen to write about is something that needs to be read, and shared, by others.  So, yes, be positive because being positive is contagious.

Don’t give up.

If you aren’t getting thousands of unique hits to your blog, that doesn’t mean you aren’t successful as a blogger.  If you’re in a niche category, success is found in how many of your subscribers and readers return to your blog week after week.  For example, my blog “Idiomation: Historically Speaking” gets tens of thousands of unique hits per month and is linked to by many impressive businesses, organizations, not-for-profits, colleges, universities, and more.  Meanwhile, my “Missy Barrett” blog enjoys a much smaller readership because fans of that blog are young children and their parents who stop in every Wednesday to read the weekly entry on Missy’s blog.

Final Note

Regardless of what your blog is about, don’t sell out to be something that doesn’t feel right to you.  If you’re passionate about widgets, then write about widgets in all shapes and sizes from around the world.  Be the best widget researcher you can possibly be, and reach out to other widget aficionados.  Be the widget change you wish to see (to paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi) in the blogosphere.  And don’t be afraid to stop by here and share the link to your blog in the Comments section below.

Elyse Bruce


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