9 Business Books Worth Reading

Every entrepreneur and small business owner knows that the key to success is understanding what the market expects, and delivering to meet those market expectations.   But there are what video game programmers call Easter eggs that can unlock certain levels of success you hadn’t thought of until now.

I’m a great believer in reading books.  In fact, I read voraciously and because of that, I’ve built a respectable personal library of reference books I can tap at a moment’s notice if I’m looking for ways to rework my marketing and promotion approaches as well as my customer service.

This week, I’ve decided to share some of those titles with you, with a brief description of each book.

Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways To Spark Innovation
Jeremy Gutsche is the hottest trend spotter in North America as well as the Chief trend hunter at TrendHunter.com.  This book shares powerful strategies for thriving in any economic climate.  Topics include creating infections messaging, establishing adaptive innovation, and more.

First, Break All The Rules 
This book by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman gives insight into employee opinions, productivity, profit, customer satisfaction, and staff turnover rates.  Even if you are but a one-person operation, this book is invaluable.

The Future Beyond Brands: Lovemarks
The CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, Kevin Roberts, explains how a product can move beyond branding and generate the power to become a long-term, emotional connection with customers.

Get Innovative Or Get Dead
Matthew Kiernan examines past management practices and reworks them for 21st century business environments.

How To Connect In Business In 90 Seconds Or Less
Nicholas Boothman discusses how to use rapport by design to strengthen communication and maximize business opportunities.

Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands
Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conaway, and George Borden have written a fantastic manual to help organizations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs do business in 60 countries without unintentionally offending potential international partners and buyers.  The book gives insight into cultural overviews, behavior styles, negotiating techniques, protocol, and business practices to hep you nurture overseas clients and customers.

Marketing Without Megabucks
Shel Horowitz’s 284-page comprehensive guide to inexpensive and effective marketing and publicity including sections on how to get the attention of the media, how to make advertising work for you, and more.

Selling The Invisible
Hundred of quick, practical, and easy-to-read strategies by Harry Beckwith explore marketing ideas that work such as the Halo, Cocktail Party, and Lake Wobegon Effects.

Selling With Integrity
Sharon Drew Morgen shares her buyer-focused and solution-based approach to sales, founded on the principles of respectful collaboration, trust, and mirroring values.

These aren’t all the books well worth reading when it comes to growing a business.  These nine books just happen to be the top 9 books I turn to for ideas and inspiration.

If you have other books you feel should be added to this list, I encourage you to add the title and a brief description in the Comment section below.  Who knows?  Maybe a book you suggest is one I’ll have to add to my own personal collection.

Elyse Bruce



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