America’s Baseball Style Politics

With the results for the U.S. election confirmed, and Donald Trump emerging as the President-Elect, the last three days in the real world as well as in the virtual world has been fraught with divisiveness.  A great deal of the problem seems to be the lack of understanding about how someone who didn’t get the popular vote (Trump had one percent less than Clinton) could become the President-Elect.

World Series Had An Electoral-Style Win

It was the bottom of the ninth, the last game in the best-of-seven playoff, and the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians were staring each other down.  Home-field advantage went to Cleveland.  The Cubs were hoping to break a 108-year drought.

Game 1  Cleveland: 6 Chicago:  0
Game 2  Cleveland: 1 Chicago:  5
Game 3  Cleveland: 1 Chicago:  0
Game 4  Cleveland: 7 Chicago:  2
Game 5  Cleveland: 2 Chicago:  3
Game 6  Cleveland: 3 Chicago:  9
Game 7  Cleveland: 7 Chicago:  8

With that the Chicago Cubs were proclaimed the winners of the 2016 World Series, and America cheered!  Over the seven game series, Cleveland scored 27 runs to Chicago’s 27 runs.  But even if Chicago had scored fewer runs than Cleveland, winning four games is what it took to be the winners of the 2016 World Series.

And so the Chicago Cubs were the 2016 World Series champions!

What’s That Got To Do With Politics?

In the American Presidential Election held on November 8, 2016 Trump won the presidency and Clinton conceded to Trump.  She got more runs (popular vote), but in the end the popular vote isn’t what counted.  The number of games won (electoral votes) determines who wins the election.

That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

I’ll simplify the example so it’s easier to follow.  Let’s say Cleveland had won three games with three runs in each game and Chicago had scored only one run in each of those three games.  Cleveland would have nine runs to Chicago’s three runs.

Now let’s say that Chicago won the next four games with one run in each game and Cleveland score no runs in each of those four games.  Cleveland would still have nine runs and Chicago would have seven runs.

Chicago would still be the World Series champions even though they had two fewer runs than Cleveland overall.

But Politics Isn’t Baseball

No, it isn’t but the concept of winning the World Series Championship is the same as winning electoral votes in each state (with a couple of exceptions, of course, but let’s not muddy things up).

Hillary had the home-field advantage.

Hillary had forty-eight percent of the popular vote (nine runs) to Donald’s forty-seven percent (seven runs).  In the end, however, Donald won more electoral votes (290 confirmed) than Hillary (228 confirmed), and that’s how he won the presidency.

He hit that magic number (270 electoral votes to win) that determined that he had won the World Series of politics in America for 2016.

What All This Means

It means there’s no reason for discontented people who didn’t get their candidate elected to office to riot and protest and demand the results be thrown out.  This is how politics works in America.  In baseball terms, it’s fair.

Celebrities Moving To Canada As Threatened

Alas, except for mainstream media reporting that Snoop Doggy Dogg is house hunting in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), other American celebrities and sports figures who said they would move to Canada if Hillary didn’t win don’t seem to keen on making good on their threats.

Americans Moving To Canada As Threatened

Everyday Americans who threatened to move to Canada if Hillary didn’t win were greeted with a crashed website for Immigration Canada on election night.  However, had the site not crashed, they would have quickly learned that immigrating to Canada isn’t as easy as they imagined.  There’s no quick border crossing solution that will fast-track them to resident status in Canada.

The Solution Is Simple

In four more years, the United States of America will hold another election.  That’s how it’s done in the U.S.  Presidential candidates will fight for the right to spend four years (or four more years) in the White House.

Perhaps by then, Americans and foreigners will remember that the presidential election is a lot like baseball’s World Series.  The popular vote (the number of runs your team gets) is always a nice thing to look back on, but in the end, it’s the electoral votes (the number of games your team wins) that determines who is announced as the winner of the series.

Elyse Bruce


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