Nine beautifully crafted instrumental compositions take listeners back down the road they set out on with the release of “Quietudes” six years earlier in 2005.  This time, along with the Asian influences, Elyse Bruce has included Middle Eastern and Gypsy influences, and blended them together with European and North American rhythms and chord progressions to create a 9-course meal of audio delicacies.


  • Genre:  Instrumental / World Music
  • Release Date: August 24, 2011
  • Language: Not Applicable
  • ASIN: B005JTU156
  • Total Length: 52 minutes
  • Songs:  9 Compositions

Moon Chimes / Dance Nocturne (5:04)
Dreamtime / Rêverie (5:37)
All Things / Douce Brise (4:08)
Bedouin Knights / Cortège Du Désert (7:13)
Inquisitive By Nature / Le Minou Joue (5:02)
Lost / Cheval Blanc (4:44)
My Heart Longs / Caresse (4:54)
November Chills / Jeu D’Enfant (5:07)
Such Splendor / Coeur En Fête (10:03)

CLICK HERE to listen to selections from this CD.

Compact Disc

Available on Amazon by clicking HERE.


Available on Amazon by clicking HERE.
Available on iTunes by clicking HERE.


5.0 out of 5 Stars
Wonderful! And what a great cause!
October 8, 2011


This album is absolutely beautiful! The music is rich and captivating; you won’t want to stop listening to it. My three children all love it as well. Fantastic job, Elyse Bruce, as always! And Make-A-Wish Canada is such a great cause. You can’t lose by purchasing this.
September 2011_CD Review_The Wire Megazine

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