Books by Elyse Bruce

This listing shares all the information on books authored by Elyse Bruce, as well as where you can buy paperback and eBook editions for your personal and business libraries.  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment in the Comment Section below.

The Missy Barrett Adventures

Guess Where I Am, Mommy
Houston, We Have No Problem
The Secret Ingredient
Foiled Again
Free Range Hiking
Nailed It

The Missy Barrett Conversations

Barracudas and Impalals
Indians Live In Tipis

The Missy Barrett Chapter Books

Roar Like A Lion
Fantastic Things

Missy Barrett’s Year In Review

The Year I Turned 8
The Year I Turned 9


Idiomation: Book 1
Idiomation: Good v Evil


Knick Knack Paddywhack (writing as E.B. Taylor)


Grand Theft Cookie
The Clip’n’Dip Praise The Heavens Multi-Faith Congregation

Psychological Thrillers

End Of The Innocence (writing as E.B. Taylor)
I Will Not Go Quietly (writing as E.B. Taylor)

Short Story Collections

A Summer Of Somebodies (writing as E.B. Taylor)


Amazing Adventures (edited by Joel Mark Harris)


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